Praying For A Miracle

Property management is not an easy task, especially when tenants are having a hard time due to economic issues.  Its really hard, when one or both parents loose their jobs, and their rent cannot be paid on time or not in full.  It really saddens the heart to see them get evicted, when they have children.  Some programs are out there, to assist some, but other families, suffer even more, due to the fact they either made to much, or own a car, or some excuse or another that prevents them from getting the assistance they truly need.

Now is the time, more than ever, to pray, for each other, and these families.  Even a prayer for our country to get back on tract wouldn’t hurt.  I try to help everyone that I can, sometimes it hurts me, but I know, that I can tighten my belt a little, and make the sacrifice to do it.  If you know someone that is having a struggle in surviving, try to help a little, it will always come back to you ten fold.  If enough people, stretch out with a helping hand, then the world would be a better place.


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