Old Style Christmas

  I remember, when it would be snowing a few days before Christmas, I would be so excited, waiting for Santa to come.  The tree, we would have in our front room, and the decorations, which Dad and Mom, would carefully unwrap, and the lights would go onto the tree, with the big light bulbs, and it was always exciting, when Dad would plug it in.  It was his favorite time of the year, putting up the lights outside, and the wreath on the front door, he often would sit and tell the Christmas story to me.  Box after box, would end up under the tree, I couldn’t wait until Christmas day, although a lot of presents we would get, would be cloths, then I didn’t understand (I do now of course), those were the best gifts, wanting us kids to have what they didn’t have.  They would work even harder to give us just a few toys, and a couple of extra for when Santa came.  The greatest part of all, was the homemade cookies, and icing, oh man, we would make around five to six dozen, and then we would have to make more, because we would eat half of them that night.  It was really fun to put icing, Mom, would make them icing change colors, that always impressed me, then we would sit at the counter and dress up the cookies.  We would often sit in the family room, it was were the fireplace was, Dad would always have a log fire going, it would be popping and crackling, looking out the window, watching the snow fall, ice cycles hanging from the roof ledge.  Mom would be in the kitchen, and every once in awhile, she would make coco, and tell us kids, that we would have to go to bed when we were done.  That part I didn’t like, I didn’t want that moment to go away.  Mom, would be reading from the good book (Bible), and reading aloud to us, even though half the time we didn’t understand half the words she would say, but we listened, because we knew it was important, to her and for us.  Then it was bedtime, we would all have to go to bed, and we would always say, Mom, do we have too, and she would say yes, tomorrow is going to be a big day, and off to bed we would go.

  Mom, sure was right, the next day we would get up, and dad, would get the car going, and off we would go to other family members house, for Christmas Holiday, it would still be snowing, and the roads would be slippery.  Those road trips would always seem like forever……., then we would finally get there, wow, a lot of food, then later that night, on the way back, Dad would take us to downtown, in the big city, he would park the car, and we would walk, and see all the windows, in the buildings, they would have moving dolls, and trains, mice, deer, Santa, everything, it was so great, this would take several hours, and then we would be in the car, and I would wake up the next morning in my bed, Dad sure knew what to do, to help with the excitement before Christmas.  Finally, Christmas Eve, would arrive, wow, now the pressure is on, only a few more hours, and we will be able to open the presents, which grew from, a few to a lot, but only one interested me, the big one in the back of the tree, the one that was always taller than all the others, everything was piled up in front of it, so you couldn’t get back there to check it out.


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